Wrist Temperature Testing Station

Wrist Temperature Testing Station


The Wrist Temperature Testing Station is the perfect solution to help ease any stress offering quick detection and accurate temperature measurements. Users only need to place their wrist near the detection point for real-time, on-screen results. Abnormal temperatures can be detected and alarmed in time to implement rapid intervention and emergency measures to help prevent the spread of illnesses from infected persons.
The testing station can be branded with your company logo.

    • Non-contact measurement on the wrist, no cross infection
      • Real-time alarm, quick detection of abnormal temperatures
        • High accuracy, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 0.5°f, and measurement distance is between .4in to 1.18in
          • Real-time display of measured temperatures, normal and abnormal temperature counts on LCD screen
            • Adjustable height

                  Color: stainless steel

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